Waukee Aerial. Spring Projects, 2016

It has been a busy Spring, 2016. Recent projects include :

  • Video and photo capture for the City of Waukee
  • Parks Project for the City of Urbandale Parks & Recreation
  • 100th St. Bridge Project for the City of Urbandale Engineering & Public Works 
  • Working on a framed 16x20 print for Pawns Inn, LLC in Dallas Center
  • Met with the Ankeny Regional Airport Authority on 5/27/16. Approval Granted
    • Project for the City of Ankeny Economic Development Department, capturing five business parks around the Ankeny Airport.
  • Filmed the Insane Impact "Aqua Impact" pontoon boat with huge LCD display on Saylorville Lake
  • Contracted with the Lithia Company to shoot for BMW of Des Moines
  • Spent the late Winter and early Spring donating canvas aerial art to:
    • The Waukee Foundation, School's Silent Auction
    • The Young Women's Resource Center
    • The Waukee Rotary Club
    • Hawthorne Hill Auction, Benefiting the Women's Shelter

So, as you can see, things are very busy right now! It may come to a point where I need to pick and choose projects, but for now things are steadily keeping my weekends busy!